Work It, Let Me Work It, Home Ed, Flip & Reverse It…..

When I very first started my home education channels on social media, my initial idea was to simply to share our journey.

So things like tackling common myths that we had come up against surrounding home education, the challenges we face as home educating parents and also fun things like learning resources and some of the hands on activities that we get up to.

I began posting different reels on social media and had a really positive response, so I took it a step further and decided to start my own website and blog in more detail about our chosen lifestyle.

But it soon became really obvious to me that this was only half of the picture that people wanted to see.

Week after week I received messages from different people with one common thread……how do you make home education work financially.

I soon realised that there were so many people out there who would love the opportunity to home educate their children and spend more time together as a family but due to financial restraints, it was impossible. So I went back to the drawing board……

One of the questions that I get asked the most is what do I do for work, when it comes to home education, much like everything else surrounding the subject people tend to make one of two assumptions.

Either I don’t work at all or we are so wealthy that I don’t need to….and whilst I wouldn’t have a preference for either if it were true, sadly it’s not!

In this article, I thought it might be helpful to share my own work/life balance journey since starting home education and where I hope to take things in the future.

So let’s get this show on the road…..

My circumstances have changed somewhat since the beginning where my work life is concerned and initially, not through choice.

When we began home educating our now, 9 year old (how did that happen!) I was employed by the same company that I had worked for since 2010 albeit part time as opposed to full time since having our 2 children.

My partner has always been self employed and between us, I worked Monday and Tuesday whilst Rob was at home with the kids and he would do Wednesday to Friday along with a few evenings or weekends.

At the time , although we had to cut our cloth a little tighter to fit our pockets, it was all going ok.

It did have restrictions in the sense that some of the friends that my daughter had made had Mums who worked opposite days to me so meet ups were trickier to arrange but it was workable.

Fast forward 9 months to June 2020 and I received a call out if the blue from my then manager, to say that I had been selected for redundancy.

Over the next 3 weeks I was subjected to a sham redundancy process for which I received a successful judgement in an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal 18 months later.

My redundancy was a wake up call, we were suddenly left not only financially out of pocket every month but more importantly, our choice to home educate was also put into jeopardy.

The fact was that I had to work , because of the COVID pandemic, my partners business had suffered like most and we needed to make up a shortfall whilst still trying out best to keep our dream of home education alive!

I had vowed there and then in June 2020 that I would never put our families future in anyone else’s hands but our own ever again and that’s where my self employment journey began.

Prior to having our children at 35 years old, we had scrimped and saved for years to buy a small rental property, ironically just as I lost my job, the tenants gave notice…..great timing….NOT.

We couldn’t afford to run one house, let alone two so we took the decision to work together and turn the rental property into holiday accommodation.

After a brief renovation, we embarked upon a brand new journey.

Although my Nana had ran a good old fashioned seaside B&B while I was growing up, my knowledge on the industry ended there and I was pretty sure that there were going to be more challenges involved than just counting out UHT milks and sugars for the tea trays, which had been how I earned pocket money when I was young…..and I was right!

Not only was the cleaning, maintenance, laundry, ironing and upkeep extremely time consuming, but online presence and marketing was a whole new board game for me and whilst my background had always been in sales and customer service, the online element was a huge learning curve, but I did it.

I set up our own social media pages and advertised on all of the bigger platforms like Air BnB, VRBO, Cottages dot com…..ect.

I also managed to set up a drag and drop website purely for holiday accommodation and within 18 months we had been pretty much fully booked with 5 star reviews across the board, We were so proud of ourselves.

By now, Robs work had picked up and managing the accommodation alongside home education became difficult, I had also taken quite a shine to the online aspect of the business and spent many an evening creating social media posts and generating business across various platforms.

In January 2023 we were made an offer to sell the property and that gave me the opportunity to explore online income a little more seriously.

Like everyone , I had seen the wild claims about earning thousands of pounds in your sleep across social media and whilst I was sensible enough to know that you need to take those claims with less than a pinch of salt, I had also began researching different income streams and felt that I could make it a viable option.

I had started and Instagram page selling kids clothes as a hobby whilst still employed so initially revived my old social pages and decided to set up a Tik Tok shop selling kids & adult clothing which fit in with our lifestyle.

This is when I set up my home education socials, again more of a hobby and to help show home education in a positive light.

From there, I went on to create a digital journal from scratch inspired by my employment tribunal journey and managed to set up an Etsy store and list it as a physical product on Amazon KDP which I was extremely proud of considering my basic knowledge.

After finding that journalling was a great resource in helping me manage my anxiety symptoms which arose from my redundancy, I also rekindled my love of writing. As a child , I always used to tell people that I was going to be a writer when I grew up so I took the opportunity to set up my own website and start blogging about home education and also everything that I had experienced that I thought could possibly help other people.

It was at this point that I also started to research affiliate marketing as I thought it would work well alongside my website and also help others who were also self employed and smaller companies promote their products.

Next I started working on my health anxiety journal and dipped into the world of PLR and MRR. Fast forward and now I have my Stan store set up for selling my digital products and social media pages dedicated to helping others generate passive income online.

At first, I kept my website and home education pages and my business pages seperate but the more I went along, the more I realised that they were actually intertwined.

When identifying who I wanted to help and why before starting my digital marketing business, my audience profile were those who wanted to gain independence, more financial freedom and gain more to time to spend with their families……but wait a minute, that sounds just like me!

Because It was, and so many others like me who wanted all of those things to allow them to follow their dream of home education!

So after several important business meetings with me, myself and I….. which consisted mainly of lots of cups of tea and finger biscuits ( because who doesn’t love dunking chocolate fingers?) I decided that I would merge my 2 passions and make my website a hub for those who want to find out more about home education, those who want to find out more about earning income online and also for those who quite fancy trying both!

So whichever side of the fence your on, there should be something for everyone!

I think that anyone who knows me would agree that I am passionate about home education and all of the benefits that if offers and I want to help as many people as I can experience it for themselves.

So this is where another new chapter starts and I hope you will be along for the ride!

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