Winter Solstice Activity “Crafting Magic into the Winter Night”

Winter Solstice is the celestial event marking the shortest day and longest night of the year, is not just a cosmic occurrence but a beautiful opportunity to connect with nature, reflect, and celebrate the stillness of the season.

With such busy lives and the madness of the season, it’s easy to forget that by tradition, winter was a time for reflection and stillness.

At this time of year more than any, we sometimes feel pressured into ‘making the most’ of social events and activities but for some this can mean that Christmas time flies by so quickly that we forgot to actually enjoy it!

We have come to appreciate the magic of Winter Solstice and in the past couple of years have embraced the opportunity to allow ourselves to step back, slow down and try and make the most of the festive season.

It was purely by chance that I came across the true meaning of Winter solstice when searching for different types of Christmas crafting for the kids, here’s what I found…..

Why Do We Have Winter Solstice?

Winter Solstice occurs when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun, resulting in the briefest daylight hours and the longest night. This phenomenon usually takes place around December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the official start of winter and has been celebrated across cultures for centuries.

Wellbeing & Learning Benefits At Solstice Time

For Adults:

  1. Reflection and Renewal: The extended darkness invites a pause for introspection and renewal, aligning with the natural rhythms of the season.
  2. Mindful Transition: Embracing the solstice encourages a mindful transition into winter, fostering mental resilience and adaptability.
  3. Connection with Nature: Spending time outdoors during the solstice connects individuals with the unique energy of winter, promoting overall wellbeing.

For Children:

  1. Understanding Nature’s Cycles: Celebrating Winter Solstice helps children understand the changing seasons and the cyclical nature of the world around them.
  2. Creativity and Expression: Engaging in solstice-related activities allows children to express creativity while embracing the beauty of winter.
  3. Family Bonding: Shared solstice traditions strengthen family bonds, creating lasting memories and a sense of unity.

Crafting Light for the Longest Night

My kids love a bit of craft!

Our first Winter Solstice project has been crafting homemade tea light jars. This activity holds particular relevance as symbolically, we create light to combat the longest night. The flickering flames inside these jars symbolize hope, warmth, and the promise of lengthening days to come.

Relevance of the Activity:

  1. Symbolic Light: Crafting tea light jars is a symbolic gesture, acknowledging the return of the sun’s light after the longest night.
  2. Family Connection: The shared craft activity deepens our connection as a family, fostering a sense of togetherness during the winter season.
  3. Teaching Resilience: Just as the solstice marks the turning point toward brighter days, the craft teaches children about resilience and finding light even in the darkest moments.

To take a look at our tea lights in the making and the finished pieces, please head over to my YouTube channel here

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Winter Solstice Tea Light Jars

So this year, instead of letting it pass by unnoticed, as Winter Solstice approaches, make the most of this event and use it as an invitation to slow down, connect with loved ones, and find beauty in everything that the Winter season has to offer. Craft a little light, enjoy a warm beverage or two, and enjoy the magic of the season.

Happy Winter Solstice Everyone ✨

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