Tips & Ideas for Parents Who Are Preparing For Their Little Ones First Day of School.

With September drawing ever closer, the start of seasonal changes can also mark the beginning of an emotional but exciting event in many parents and children’s lives. Starting school is a significant milestone in any child’s life, and it can be equally momentous for parents.

For some this can be a natural transition from a child care or preschool setting but for others it can be extremely difficult to begin thinking about starting your small human along a brand new journey into the world.

If you are a parent getting ready to send your little one off to school for the first time, here are a few ideas to help ease the transition and make the experience a positive one for both you and your little one.

Prepare Emotionally: The first day of school can bring about a mix of emotions for both parents and children. Begin by acknowledging your emotions and remember, however you are feeling at this time is normal because everyone is different, you may be feeling a mix of excitement but also apprehension at the same time.Allow yourself to address your own personal emotions about this milestone and try to reflect on the positives. Think about all of the ways in which you have done such an excellent job of raising such amazing children and how they will go enjoy exciting adventures in this new chapter. Not only will this help you to feel much more reassured but positivity is contagious so trying to maintain a positive outlook will reassure your child too.

Positivity is catching: If your feeling a little nervous about such an important change to your family dynamics then chances are that your little human will be too. Every now and then in the time leading up to their first day, casually address any anxiety or apprehension by discussing the exciting aspects of school and reassuring your child that they will have a great time. Try to encourage them to ask any questions that they may have, talk about the things that they should expect and be sure to include lots of positive points such as the new friends that they will make and the kinds of activities that they will be doing that they will enjoy. Sometimes trying to approach these conversations can be tricky, there are lots of different books available to help you handle any big emotions that your little one may be experiencing, reading together creates a much calmer way for children to express any concerns that they may have.

Establish a Routine: Some children thrive on routine. So before school officially starts, you could try gradually adjusting your child’s sleeping and eating schedule to match their new school routine. This will make the early mornings easier for everyone and help your little one adjust to the changes in their normal day.

Familiarity breeds content: If possible, perhaps you could take a walk or drive past their new school prior to that all important first day. By familiarizing your little one with the new surroundings beforehand it won’t be quite as much for them to process when they actually start at their school.This can be really helpful for some children to alleviate their anxiety and introduce their new surroundings as part of your everyday life.

Packing The Essentials: We all know how many supplies even the smallest of humans are required to have when they start school for the first time. Try to get your child involved in selecting their school supplies like new lunch boxes and drinking cups. Letting them make choices empowers them and helps to build excitement for the new adventure, after all who doesn’t love a new character backpack!

Sounds Like A Plan: If your children are always keen to know what’s happening and when, you could possibly make or buy a family calendar to begin to keep track of school events, new friends birthdays and other special days ahead. By allowing your child to be involved with choosing, decorating or filling in your new planner it creates a sense of involvement and helps you stay organized at the same time which for me, is always a bonus!

A Little Party Never Hurt Anybody: Think about celebrating such a fantastic achievement when your little one has completed their first day or week at school. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just a movie night with the family and a bag of popcorn or make cupcakes for a mini tea party with home made decorations.

You could also use a free creator site like Canva to make your own certificate of achievement for your brave little soldier and pop it in a frame for them to display and show off to visitors. Positive association can help diminish anxiety and create a positive connection with big changes in their little lives

Hopefully some of these ideas will help both you and your children embark on their educational journey with confidence and excitement. However, always remember that every child is different, so tailor your approach to suit your child’s personality and needs. If one approach or idea isn’t successful then put it down to experience and try something new. But one thing is for sure, with you on their team supporting them every step of the way, their first day at school will be a memorable and positive experience.

Below are some of my top picks for gift, keepsake and story book ideas to help the transition for both you and your little one as you start your new journey together.

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As always, I will only share products that I feel could be beneficial to my readers.

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