The Digital Collective Marketing Course With MRR

So why The Digital Collective?

Maybe you are brand new to digital marketing and looking for a way to make money online or maybe you are already in the Digital Marketing space and things just aren’t coming together like you hoped they would. Either way this course is for you! The digital collective is focused on TEACHING you the HOW and actually SHOWING you how to do it!

TDC is a comprehensive course on business, marketing, and automation, featuring over 100 beginner-friendly video modules. 

Designed to empower even the most novice entrepreneur, this course will provide the essential knowledge to kickstart your business journey today.

3 separate Master Resell Rights courses, that gives you multiple high value courses to resell for 100% profit

The Main Course for $259

2 individual Mini Courses $97 Each

The latest Social Selling Blueprint mini course also comes with an option of signing up for the affiliate program and earning 70% commission on each sale you refer!

The Digital Collective software! It’s the ultimate all-in-one platform that caters to your business needs. From a Link in Bio storefront to Funnels and website design, course hosting, SMS and email automation, social media scheduling, and auto responders – we’ve got it all covered! Discover a world of possibilities for your business!

The Software earns you recurring 45% Monthly Commissions whilst ever your an active user yourself.

The Digital Collective IS FOR YOU IF….


You are a complete beginner, with no tech skills , looking to make money online


You are burnt out from your 9-5 career, and are looking a way to build true wealth with passive income


You are ready to go all in and create the life of your dreams

So Why Do You Need The Digital Collective?

-You feel lost with all the courses

-You dont have a clear marketing strategy.

-You are brand new to digital marketing and dont know how to start

-You have been unsuccessful marketing your current business

-Youre unsure how to make youre own digital products and make daily sales

-TDC has everything you need all in one place

-You will craft the perfect marketing strategy to gain leads daily

-You will learn everything you need to be a successful digital marketer

-You will create a clear content strategy to turn viewers into buyers.

-You will learn all the skills need to create your own digital products and sell them

If You Want To Achieve these things The Digital Collective is for you!

Create Passive income with digital products and affiliate marketing, tied into one program

Learn to create the content strategy of your dreams, that makes posting content a breeze and turns your audience into buyers

Create true financial and time freedom, automating your business to work for you, make money in your sleep with the proper systems and strategy in your corner






What Are Master Resell Rights?

Mater Resell Rights is a legal term for buying a digital product one time for a set price, and having the licence to resell unlimited amounts of times

Once you purchase the product you retain ownership over your copy, giving you the ability to resell directly to your customers and keep 100% of the profit!

This course teaches you high value Digital Marketing skills that you can implement to resell the Course for 100% Profits.

Added Bonuses Of Using TDC

Content Library

Templates, PLR products and so much more to add even more value to your business,


Get answers to all your questions, collaborate with like minded people, and be apart of a community who is here to cheer you on!

Weekly Live Mentorship

Weekly Live Calls with the Creators and special guest, to continue your education, the learning doesnt stop with the course.

Another Added BONUS in the course are two mini courses which are also MRR and can be sold separately for 100% profits! These two courses are:

The Social Roadmap

Teaching you the basics of creating your Instagram, profile optimization, in depth course on content strategy, content creation, perfecting captions and hooks as well as selling in stories.

The Faceless Roadmap

Teaching you All of the same amazing components as The Social Roadmap and diving deeper into creating Faceless content as well as creating a Faceless strategy.

The brand new mini course, The Social Sales Blueprint has a 70% affiliate commission for any resales you make.

The Social Selling Blueprint is your guide to nailing your sales process using magnetic messaging and creating binge worthy content that attracts your ideal customer in a fraction of the time, this is the true blueprint to making sales because your audience is coming TO YOU!

A brand new 5 hour video course sharing proven systems for creating a social media & content strategy for growth, leads and sales

Here Are Just Some Of The Modules Included in the digital collective course….

Target Market

Creating your niche and defining your target market with a fine tuned process


From Logos, to Colors, to fonts, to the vision behind our brand, you will craft your dream Branding plan

Email Marketing

Master email marketing and send out beautifully designed emails to your subscriber list

Content Strategy

The total ground work to your business, is a solid content strategy and we will be helping you create this with a detailed plan so youre never guessing about what you should post

Social Media Roadmap

All things social media, to have you attracting your dream audience and converting them from viewers to sales

Digital Product Creation

Deep dive into creating your own digital products, from learning how to use the software, to actually creating these irresistable products

Faceless Marketing

Diving deeper into the disadvantages and advantages of faceless marketing and how to accomplish that trust with you audience without being in front of the camera

Business Consistency

How to stay consistent in your business, through the wins and the failures, and setting up goals you can stay consistent with


Is this course a fit for complete beginners

Without a doubt! Its an excellent resource for anyone beginning their Digital Marketing journey. The course is designed in such a way that it is easy enough for complete beginners, while also providing detailed information for those who want to master Digital Marketing. This program offers all the essential features needed to achieve success in your Digital Marketing business.

What makes this course stand out from all the rest?

TDC is an all-in-one course that eliminates the necessity for any other course.It incorporates all the best features of various courses, including the blend of Master Resell Rights with Affiliate Marketing.

Will it show me how to grow my social media account?

100%!! TDC has an entire Social Roadmap module dedicated to growing your social media! From learning how to optimize your profile with eye catching visuals to a growth strategy and so much more all packed into one incredible module! Wether you are a beginner with social media, or have been around for a while, this module wont leave any room for failure!

Will it show me how to create my own unique digital products to sell?

Absolutely!! It offers a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of developing and selling your own digital products.Not only does the course provide step-by-step guidance and video tutorials, but it also includes a comprehensive module dedicated to creating your digital product. You’ll have access to detailed instructions and walkthroughs for every aspect of Canva.With this knowledge, you’ll have the confidence to develop and sell your digital products with ease.

Do I have to create my own products

Nope! Thats whats so great about Master Resell Rights! It is an already Done-For-You course that you can sell for 100% profits!

How will the digital collective help me create passive monthly income?

The course has more than one way for you to create passive income monthly!By combining Master Resell Rights and Affiliate Marketing, you will be able to have the best of both worlds! You will gain 100% profits with every sale of the course through MRR, and with TDC having its own software, this means that each customer you bring in, you will get a 40% monthly commission for every month your customer stays in the software. This software will replace Stan Store, ManyChat, SMS Marketing, Kajabi, Flodesk, or any other email provider you use and so much more!

Upon purchase you will receive a link to take you to the course and software.

There will also be a link on your welcome email to join the digital collective community which is like no other I have ever come across!

The creators of this course are amazing and everyone in the community is right there for any help and support you need, and so am I!

When you purchase the digital collective course from myself, I’m here every step of the way to help you because I know from personal experience how invaluable it is, particularly in the beginning, to have that support!

My DMs are always open ?

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