The Passive Income Playbook With PLR/MMR Just Launched!

Are you looking for an affordable way to start earning passive income online but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a ready to go template for you to brand, customise and sell in 30 days to start generating income online?

Then look no further……

Introducing the Passive Income Digital Playbook, a comprehensive 68 page guide designed to navigate your journey into the world of online business and digital marketing over a span of four weeks.

You can find it on my Etsy Store here

Keep reading to find out more on my brand new Passive Income Playbook……….

  • Build a solid foundation for launching your online business affordably.
  • Strategically progress from developing your vision in Week 1 to the exciting launch day in Week 4.

-Get Private Label and Master Resell Rights to the product.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners seeking a cost-effective alternative to pricey digital marketing courses.
  • Individuals eager to explore the realm of online digital marketing without breaking the bank.
  • Those wanting to create a flexible work/life balance to enable them to spend more time doing the things that they enjoy and spend more time with their family
  • Homepreneurs wanting to expand their business and generate additional income
    -Buy it, learn it, resell it for 100% profit!

This playbook empowers you to:

Customise and resell with ease using my done-for-you template.

Set up your online presence effortlessly for seamless product delivery.

Implement content strategies, freebies, and ready to use email templates for efficient product marketing.

Utilise automation for daily sales, even during downtime.

Gain insights into branding, content ideas, and identifying your target audience.

Unlock the benefits of email marketing and receive social media marketing tips.

Because the Passive Income Playbook comes with both Private Label and Master Resell Rights, You can edit the contents, rebrand it and also resell the resale rights to your own customers.

And that’s not all!

As a bonus, receive my 47-page marketing guide packed with strategies to elevate your passive income through social media, a free ‘how to’ guide to Canva and a 90 day business goal journal to keep track of your progress!

With this playbook, not only will you have a market-ready digital product, but you’ll also gain knowledge on how to create a sales funnel and strategy to generate consistent sales.

Take charge of your passive income journey and turn this playbook into your own profitable venture!

The Passive Income Playbook PLR/MRR license means you can remove, add, and modify the content in any way you want, change my branding and logo to yours and sell it as your own. Save time and have the work done for you!

You will receive a copy of my licensing agreement along with the product.


You will receive a PDF file that contains the link to your Passive Income Playbook

Open the PDF file and click on the link.

You will be redirected to Canva to access the template and open your product.

You can then make changes/save/download/generate a template link.

Bonus 1:

You will receive a non-editable PDF copy of my Marketing Guide.

This is for personal use only and does not come with any resale rights.

Bonus 2:

You will receive a non-editable PDF copy of a quick start guide to Canva.

This is for personal use only and does not come with any resale rights.

Bonus 3:

You will receive a non-editable PDF copy of my 90 Day Business Journal to track your progress.

This is for personal use and does not come with any resale rights.


Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR) are granted only for those who purchase this product and cannot be transferred to others.

In the event that your transaction is declined or refunded, This license will cease and you will no longer hold any rights whatsoever over the product.

What You CAN Do With This Product

YES – Content can be added or modified in any way.

YES – You can add your name or brand

YES – You can put your name or brand as the author

YES – You can sell this template with modification, either digitally or as a physical product

YES – You can sell digital or editable copies of this template

YES -You can use this template to produce additional, unlimited products for sale

YES – You can use for webinar or course material

YES – You can use the content on your site or blog

YES – You can translate the content into other languages

YES – You can use the content to create and share videos

YES – You can use the content in auto-responder Emails

YES – You can sell the PLR/MMR rights to someone else under your own license agreement.

What You CANNOT Do With This Product

NO – You cannot claim copyright to the content

NO – You cannot transfer PLR or MMR rights, You can only sell them

NO – You cannot use my name or brand on the product or in your sales materials

NO – You Cannot give the product away for free

NO – You cannot use the content on Free or paid membership sites

NO – You cannot apply for a trademark or copyright on this template/PDF or any of its components.

NO – You cannot use my marketing materials, you must create your own product mock ups, descriptions, titles, images, and delivery method when selling. You cannot screenshot or copy any parts of my advertisements/shop/website for your own listings or templates.

This is a digital product, No physical products will be shipped.

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