The Benefits Of Journalling

I began to journal around 2 and a half years ago and although I was extremely sceptical in the beginning, I found it to be a vital resource in helping me manage my anxiety on a daily basis.

Journalling was introduced to me as a great way to express yourself and learn more about your own thoughts and emotions, Once we understand our pattern of though we can begin to learn more about our personal triggers and how to manage them.

Nothing ‘Ode To Anxiety’

Around 3 years ago anxiety took a hold on me and to date, overcoming it and trying to manage its long lasting impact on my day to day life has been one of my hardest challenges yet.

Throughout my ongoing recovery process, I found journaling to be a great source of help to me, like a shoulder to cry on that asks nothing in return.
It was during one of my pen to paper moments that I wrote the following poem, I didn’t ever think at that time that I would share it, but after speaking out about anxiety and realising the vast number of people affected, I felt it was fitting to add to a blog dedicated to the subject.

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