Success Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I often wonder how many people are deterred from starting up a side venture or lack the confidence to move forward with a change of career because of what they read online. Hundreds, thousands, millions…….who knows!

In recent times, it would seem that the internet has become obsessed with the idea that a business model is no longer pliable and is now a one size fits all rigid sculpture.

Quick Start Ups Vs Solid Foundations

In my experience when it comes to setting up a business and working for yourself, there are no short cuts or get rich quick schemes and if there are then I have yet to find them. The resounding promises coming from every corner of social media are pretty unrealistic and I wonder how many people with so much potential give up soon after starting because they find that it isn’t quite as easy as promised so ultimately feel that they are doing something wrong.

Never Build Your House On Someone Else’s Land!

Whether your looking to set up your very first side hustle or jumping in at the deep end to start a new challenge in order to change up your career, the journey of starting our own business can likely find us brimming with excitement and lots of ideas.
However, as someone who has been there and wears the T-shirt very well, I can tell you that some of the decisions that you make in the beginning can heavily impact your business later down the line.

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