How Much Time is “Enough”?

In the world of home education, one burning question is often asked in forums and discussions: How much time should you spend teaching your children each day? It’s a query that resonates with those considering home education or homeschooling and those newly embarking on thier own journey. The Time Dilemma: The concept of time spent […]

Easy Choc Chip Flapjacks

Nothing quite says Autumn like the smell of home made baking!

Unfortunately, as regular visitors are already aware, I was firmly at the back of the queue when the cooking and baking skills were getting handed out!

I like quick and easy recipes with straightforward ingredients that are readily available at the corner shop, trekking around 10 different supermarkets for a lesser spotted organic coconut flour is not my idea of a rodeo if you get what Im saying. I am much more cowgirl freestyle when it comes to culinery preparation!

With limited store cupboard and a rainy afternoon, I pulled it out of the bag with this choc chip flapjack recipe and the best part was that it only has 4 ingredients!

Code Monkey 20% Discount Offer

I don’t know about you, but I feel that learning has become much more exciting nowadays than it was when I was younger.

There are so many new resources available which not only make learning a much more engaging experience but that also offer the opportunity to learn new skills.
For those of us who have never entered the world of coding before, Code Monkey is a web-based learning platform that offers a variety of computer programming courses and tools that bridge the gap between wanting to code and becoming an expert in the field.

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