The Benefits Of Journalling

I began to journal around 2 and a half years ago and although I was extremely sceptical in the beginning, I found it to be a vital resource in helping me manage my anxiety on a daily basis.

Journalling was introduced to me as a great way to express yourself and learn more about your own thoughts and emotions, Once we understand our pattern of though we can begin to learn more about our personal triggers and how to manage them.

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For anxiety sufferers such as myself, finding ways to identify triggers can be the first step in managing your mental and physical symptoms.

One technique that I still use to this day which enabled me to do this was journalling, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to deal with all of the thoughts going around in your head at over 100 miles per hour all at once, my journal became like a shoulder to cry on who asked nothing in return and never judged me no matter what.

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