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Refuse to conform clothing is a unisex clothing brand designed by an anxiety sufferer wanting to create clothing that allowed people to be their true selves.

The idea was to create designs with strong statements so that people wearing Refuse to Conform Clothing could express their authenticity without the pressure of fitting into certain standards. All of the clothing is genderless and is for anyone who wants to make a bold statement about individuality.

As someone who battles with anxiety, I thought that this was a fantastic concept, not only does it allow people to feel comfortable and confident with who they are but its also another step towards raising awareness on the condition which gets people talking.

As soon as I saw that the brand offered a partnership program, I was in!

To get 10% off your first order use my unique code RelatableMe10 and head over to check out their collection here or click the image below to go to their website.

*Please note that as an affiliaite partner I may receive commission on any qualifying purchases.

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