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Imagine having a full academic year educational resource that not only covers all essential academic subjects but also integrates fun activities, physical education, and emotional development exercises that is fully editable to personalise for continued learning?

Sounds amazing right?


Imagine having a full academic year educational resource that not only covers all essential academic subjects but also integrates fun activities, physical education, and emotional development exercises that is fully editable to personalise for continued learning?

Sounds amazing right?

Introducing my brand new digital learning pack  structured into four individual terms, each packed with activities and lessons that ensure an engaging and fun learning experience!

Learning and activities are structured around the following core subjects:

Literature & Language



Social Studies


Social & Emotional Development

Physical Ed

You can also download and print all or some of the pages to meet your childs individual learning style!

When we first started home educating, I spent a fortune on various resources and online memberships but the problem was that there was no continuity and mixing and matching different styles only resulted in far too much time planning each week, many of them ended up gathering dust on either my physical or digital shelf!

With this in mind I wanted to provide a comprehensive learning pack that was accessible both digitally and physically without the huge pricetag or the need for a monthly subscription.

My Reception/Kindergarten learning pack is a one stop fun learning shop. It’s broken down into 4 individual terms to cover the first year of learning but can be adapted to suit your child’s individual learning style or incorporated into your current resources for a little variety and includes the following…

Term 1: Foundations and Basics

Weeks 1-9: Introduction to basic phonics (A-I), simple math concepts (counting, basic addition), introductory science (weather, plants), and exploring local geography. Arts focus on simple crafts and songs.

Term 2: Development and Exploration

Weeks 10-18: Continue phonics (J-R), more complex math concepts (subtraction, shapes), deeper science explorations (basic physics like simple machines), and more detailed social studies (community helpers, states). Include more complex crafts and group play activities that encourage social skills.

Term 3: Application and Expansion

Weeks 19-27: Advanced phonics (S-Z), introduction to multiplication and division, science topics like the human body and earth science, and world geography. Arts can include performing simple plays and learning musical instruments.

Term 4: Integration and Application

Weeks 28-36: Reinforce all phonics through reading comprehension, complex math problems (fractions, time), detailed science projects (simple experiments), and a deeper understanding of history and different cultures. Conclude with comprehensive projects that integrate multiple subjects.

My learning pack covers lots of fun and exciting topics such as dinosaurs, life cycles, the human body, people who help us, famous historical characters and all around the world including mini recipes to make and sample different cuisines from around the globe and SO much more…..

There’s also a full range of digital/printable learning flash cards covering emotions, colours, animals, numbers and more included FREE!

Who Can Benefit?

Homeschooling/Home Educating Parents: Ideal for parents looking for a portable, interactive, and easy-to-use comprehensive learning resource.

Tech-Savvy Educators: Perfect for teachers or tutors who prefer digital tools over traditional paper planners.

Why Choose My Reception/Kindergarten Learning Pack?

Easy To Use: Editable Presentation format allowing you to quickly navigate between weeks, subjects, and activities.

User-Friendly: Effortlessly move through with organized content structure.

Digital Annotation

Write and Highlight: Using a digital pen, you can write directly on the pages, highlight important sections, and make notes just like you would on paper using a third party app like good notes or on-screen with your device or laptop.

Erase and Edit: Make changes and corrections easily without the mess of traditional erasing.

Accessible Anywhere

Portable Learning: Access learning on your tablet or computer, making it easy to teach on the go, whether at home, in the classroom, or while traveling.

Eco-Friendly Solution

Paperless Teaching: Reduce your environmental footprint by opting for a digital learning experience eliminating the need for printed materials.

Sustainable Choice: Support eco-friendly practices by transitioning to a fully digital teaching resources.

Customizable and Editable

Tailored Learning: For home educators, teachers or tutors, customise learning to fit your teaching style and meet the unique needs of your children.

Personalization Options: Add your own notes, images, and links to enhance the learning experience.

Time-Saving Convenience

Ready-to-Use: My learning pack is pre-formatted and ready to go, saving you countless hours of preparation.

Efficient Workflow: Streamline your lesson planning  with a well-organized digital resource.


Affordable Investment: Get the full benefits of  comprehensive learning at a fraction of the cost of traditional printed materials or reoccurring memberships.

Value for Money: Enjoy a high-quality educational resource that offers excellent value and is packed with content!

Whether your starting your home education journey, a parent looking to incorporate fun learning at home or a teacher or tutor looking to cut down on planning time, my learning pack is for YOU!

*PLEASE NOTE This learning pack DOES NOT strictly adhere to any national curriculum.

*The learning pack is presented in presentation format and will require a free program such as Microsoft 365 to access (Link provided to download for free)

Some of the activities such as ‘cut & colour’ shapes will require a physical paper copy of you wish to use the template. To print some or all of the content simply open up the presentation, Edit then Download and Save as a PDF to your device, this will allow you to select which pages you need.

If you wish to use on an iPad or similar device with digital pen, a third party app such as good notes will be required.

There are over 1200 individual learning/activity idea sheets included which are separated into 4 links along with 9 FREE learning flashcard packs with individual links.

Upon purchase you will receive a pdf containing the hyperlinks to access all of the content.

Due to the digital nature of this product, it is exempt from refunds.

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