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Introducing our FREE Maths Pack for Ages 6+ – a thrilling blend of fun and learning with a little spookiness thrown in!


Introducing our FREE 18 page Maths Activity Pack for Ages 6+ – a thrilling blend of fun and learning with a little spookiness thrown in!

? Spooky Halloween Additions: Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooktacular addition worksheets. Solve creepy equations and watch your maths skills soar!

? Number Crosswords: Challenge your brain with number crosswords that encourage critical thinking and numerical fluency. Unravel the puzzle by placing the right numbers in the right boxes.

? 3D Shape Crossword: Explore the world of geometry with our 3D shape crossword. Identify and name 3D shapes while honing your vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

? Find the Missing Value: Sharpen your detective skills by finding the missing values in these intriguing maths problems. It’s a quest to uncover the hidden numbers and solve the mystery of maths!

? Spooky Scoring Addition: Experience the thrill of scoring big with our spooky addition game. Add up the points and become a maths master.

❓ Missing Numbers: Puzzle your way through maths mysteries with our missing numbers worksheets. Fill in the blanks and complete the sequence to reveal the hidden patterns in numbers.

Our Maths Pack for Ages 6+ is a gateway to problem-solving. Perfect for home learning!

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