Merry Grinchmas! Pom-Pom Wreath Making Craft Activity

I don’t know about you but I have never been a fan of traditional Christmas wreaths but the kids have seen quite a few different varieties in the shops and garden centres recently so we decided to have a go at making one of our own.

As always Pintrest is my best friend when it comes to inspiration for craft ideas as design and creativity is not one of my strong points!

We spotted a fun pom pom wreath and decided to put our own spin on it by adding one of our favourite Christmas characters, The Grinch!

I was actually quite surprised how easy it was and once we got the hang of making the actual pom poms, the rest was pretty plain sailing.

I’ll tag the items that we used along with the method at the end of the post just incase you fancy giving it a try but to see how it turned out, please head over to my YouTube channel here

The Grinch Christmas Wreath Making Activity

Materials Used

Please note that some of these are affiliated links but you can find many of the items in local stores if you prefer:-

Polystyrene Wreath and Pom Pom Maker Kit from Amazon Which You Can Find Here In My Influencer Store HERE

Small Silver Baubles, Candy Cane Mini Embellishments, Wired Ribbon & Wire From Temu Which You Can Search And Find Here

On The TEMU Website.

Wool, Grinch Plush Kit From eBay Which You Can Find Here (The Grinch Kits are also available at The Works and The Entertainer Toy Shop)

Wool Mixed Colours

The Grinch Stuff & Sew Plush


-We started by making multiple Pom Poms in various sizes and colours, When securing them make sure that you leave enough wool to tie around the polystyrene wreath just as my daughter did in the video.

-Begin securing the pom poms to the wreath, we tied them on but you can use a hot glue gun if you prefer.

-Once the wreath is covered, We used thin craft wire to secure the Baubles and candy cane embellishments around the wreath by threading the wire through them and securing around the back just as we had with the wool on the pom poms.

-To make the ribbon , I followed a tutorial on Tik Tok but there’s hundreds of different styles of bow tutorials which you can easily find on YouTube or social media, then secured it in place with the same wire used for the baubles and embellishments.

-We followed the instructions on the box to stuff and sew our Grinch Plush then secured him by threading some wool through the back of his head and his bottom and tied him in place onto the wreath just as we had with the pom poms and Voila!

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