In Order To Appreciate The True Beauty Of A Rainbow, We Must First Endure A Little Rain….

It’s taken me quite some time to write this blog because to be perfectly honest, I had no idea where to start.

But as an old song once said, if we start at the start and end at the end, everything in-between might possibly mend, so here goes.

When I look back, I guess the journey that I am currently navigating started way back when I was the ripe old age of around 9 years old.

My earliest memory of my love of all things literature began when I remember getting a telling off for writing my own poem on the inside cover of a classic Beatrix Potter book that I had been bought as a gift! When a young writer’s creativity presents itself they have to strike while the iron is hot, or to the best of my knowledge, my 9 year old self gave an excuse with words to that effect.

I so clearly remember going to my Nana’s Seaside B&B on a Saturday when my Mum would help with the dreaded changeover day. It became my little job to take on the responsibility for filling up the bedroom tea trays with a limited selection of tea bags, UHT milk and sugar!

During my rounds, I would usually latch onto one of the other cleaning ladies and talk to them endlessly about a new poem or story that I had literally penned that very week (no iPads or mobile phones for me back in the day although I was partial to my etch a sketch!)

Funnily enough I bumped into one of these long suffering ladies in my 20s and she told me how she always remembered me telling her that I would be a writer one day when I got “big” at the time I probably had a little sooner than 43 years old in mind but nevertheless, always better late than never.

Like many a childhood dream, life took over and once I left school with ironically only a GCSE in English, I began working in customer service based jobs and found myself at the age of 40 working in payroll administration with 2 children and the obligatory endless financial implications that came with said grown up responsibilities that 2 small humans require!

I dare say that had I not been literally stopped in my tracks, my life would have carried on in the same direction and I would never have had the courage or confidence to change my path and be happily stood here writing this today whilst at the same time keeping one eye on the ‘spag bol’ simmering away on the hob for tea, multi-tasking is after all, every Mums middle name.

In June 2020, I was unexpectedly called out of the blue by my former employer to tell me that a redundancy situation had arose, I could never have imagined when I answered that call, the impact that it would have on my families life going forward.

To cut an extremely long story short (and also because it can be found on my website just here) what followed was one of the hardest challenges that we, as a family, have undertaken to date.

I was inevitably made redundant by my employer and 20 months later in January 2022 I received a successful unanimous judgement for unfair dismissal in an employment tribunal.

Although one of the hardest challenges we faced, Its also the one that I am extremely proud of. Because of the financial implications, we could not afford legal representation so even though neither of us had any experience of employment law, myself and my very patient partner set about preparing my case, I was Mum by day and Erin Brockovitch by night.

Many people openly admitted that they thought we were crazy for taking on such a momentous task, to say that I was the under dog was a complete under statement but never once did I doubt our strength and ability, The bigger they are the harder they fall and I knew that the truth would win out in the end.

It was during one of the many low and difficult points of the employment tribunal process that my partner said something that not only gave me the determination to carry on that day, but will remain with me forever, In fact its the title of this blog!

“In order to appreciate the true beauty of a rainbow, we must first endure a little rain”

Over the past 3 years, we have indeed had our fair share of rain, and if someone had asked me way back then if anything positive would come out of such a negative experience, my answer would have been a resounding NO but I would have been wrong.

My rainbow is made up of so many amazing colours that I could have never imagined, not only have I stayed true to my beliefs but I now also have the opportunity to show my children that dreams really can come true, even if it takes a while!

After having my fingers (and toes) well and truly burned by my last employer, I decided that if I were going to work hard in the future then my family would get the rewards, I knew that I would never work for anyone else again.

So here we were, so much behind us and an open road in front, I had remembered so may times throughout those dark days about my memories growing up and all of the things that I hoped one day would come to fruition, it dawned on me that I had been given the chance to try and ‘Relatable Me’ was born.

Even though I had no clue about the direction that it would lead, on top of which I am about as technical as your great uncle Bob as my Dad once told me, Through life many opportunities will come knocking at your door but if you dont answer they will simply fade away.

I knew that I had something to give and I had to get my own platform up on running on which to give it, I had no clue where to start but as running with crazy ideas kinda became our thing, as they say the rest is history.

I cant honestly tell you exactly whats to come, Vlogs, Blogs and some humor thrown in is a given, we have so many great ideas which we will do our best to put into practice.

But right now, one thing that we do know, is that life is a journey for all of us, and if you would like to join us, We will be excited to welcome you along for the ride!

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