How Much Time is “Enough”?

In the world of home education, one burning question is often asked in forums and discussions: How much time should you spend teaching your children each day? It’s a query that resonates with those considering home education or homeschooling and those newly embarking on thier own journey.

The Time Dilemma: The concept of time spent on home education often swirls with uncertainty. Is there a magic number of hours to ensure a well-rounded education? After 5 years, as someone well and truly immersed in home education, I’ve witnessed this question pop up pretty frequently.

Behind the Vlog: This prompted me to share insights in my latest vlog, delving into the question of time in home education and more importantly why it cannot be measured against main stream school. Join me as I unravel the mystery behind this common concern by giving you first hand experience of practical aspects.

Why Stop the Comparison? One highlight of the vlog is my personal journey of letting go of the comparison game and why. It’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring our home education efforts against traditional school standards. However, through my own experience I’ve found that there are benefits to embracing learning at home.

Embracing Individualized Learning: Home education is primarily a chance to tailor individualised learning, where the focus is on understanding the unique needs and pace of each child.

Your Questions, My Answers: As we continue to explore home education, I love to hear feedback so share your thoughts and questions. Drop a comment and I’ll do my best to help. I’m here to try and provide insights, tips, and support based on my own experience.

To check out my latest blog please head over to my YouTube channel here, or to take a look at some of my earlier home education blogs please hit one of the links below.

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If you are considering home education as a lifestyle option for your family, you can find lots of help, information and practical advice regarding deregistration and communicating with local authorities by visiting the Educational Freedom website just here

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