Hand Made Christmas Moments!

Kids Christmas Card Crafting

Ever since our kids were old enough to hold a glitter shaker, we have made our own Christmas cards for friends and family.

Not only is it a great Christmas craft idea but I also think that it’s much more personal than generic shop bought ones and they make a great little keepsake too!

As a home educating family, we try to incorporate the different seasons into our learning because some of the best lessons can be learned in simple ways by doing them together as a family.

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Christmas Card Making Craft

Here’s why you should grab the glitter, glue, and get the kids involved!

Let’s Get Personal!

Sending a card full of glittery handprints or quirky drawings of your little Picasso adds a personal touch that store-bought cards simply can’t replicate. It’s a gesture straight from their little heart.

It’s All About The Craft!

Crafting Christmas cards is a canvas for creativity. From choosing colors and textures to deciding on festive messages, kids get to unleash their imagination and create unique masterpieces encouraging imagination and creativity.

Let’s Get Together!

The process of making cards becomes an activity in itself. Gather around the table with crafting supplies, put on some Christmas tunes, and let the fun commence. It’s quality time together, making memories that last that makes this season in particular so special.

Ten Little Fingers

For the littlest ones, handling scissors, glue, and small decorations helps develop fine motor skills. It’s a sneaky way to incorporate a bit of educational fun into the holiday season.

Spread The Love

Crafting cards is an opportunity to talk to kids about the joy of giving. Discuss who the cards are for, what makes each person special, and why expressing gratitude is so important.

Look After The Pennies

Homemade cards are not only budget-friendly, but they also reduce waste. It’s a small, eco-conscious choice that adds up, especially during a season known for ultimate excess!


Receiving a homemade Christmas card is like unwrapping a tiny, personalized gift. Friends and family will appreciate the effort and thought put into each card, making them feel extra special.

How to Get Started:

  1. Gather Supplies: Stock up on colored paper, markers, glue, glitter, and any other crafty bits you have around the house, we get most of our supplies from pound shops and in the January sales ready for next year but you could also up cycle old Christmas cards and tags or reuse festive wrapping paper to make a cute collage.
  2. Set the Stage: Create a festive crafting space with a mince pie or two and get your own little craft party going to get into the Christmas spirit.
  3. Inspire Creativity: Discuss different ideas for cards—whether it’s a classic tree, a reindeer, or a unique winter scene. Let their imaginations run wild. This year the kids set up a competition between me and their Dad as to who made the funniest card and they were the judges, Can you believe that I had to admit defeat this year but I’ll be upping my game next time around!
  4. Make It a Tradition: Turn card-making into an annual tradition. Each year, you’ll have a collection of memories in the form of handmade cards and you can soon gather a collection of materials ready for next year.
  5. Share the Joy: Once the cards are ready, let the kids be part of the delivery process. Stamp, seal, and send off their creations to spread the joy or wait for a crisp winter night to hand deliver to neighbours and play a game of who can spot the most festive house first!

This Christmas, why not get your craft on and have a go at making your very own Christmas card collection!

From the glittery fingerprints of little ones to the carefully written messages from older kids, each card is a tiny piece of art that holds a world of sentiment and special memories.

Happy crafting! ?✨

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