Free Maths Activity Pack For Ages 4+

Introducing our EYFS Maths Activity Pack for Ages 4+ – a selection of over 20 worksheets designed to spark the curiosity and mathematical prowess of young learners, this pack is an engaging way to introduce foundational maths concepts to children.

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🧩 Mazes: Embark on thrilling space themed maze adventures that will keep young minds engaged and foster problem-solving skills. Navigate the twists and turns while reinforcing critical thinking.

🔍 Odd Ones Out: Challenge little learners with our “Odd Ones Out” worksheets. Encourage keen observation and cognitive skills as they identify the intruders in each set.

🔢 Number Order and Spooky Additions: From arranging numbers in the correct order to mastering spooky additions, these worksheets make maths fun and exciting while enhancing counting and calculation abilities.

🧩 Connect the Halves: Unlock the world of symmetry with our “Connect the Halves” activity. Stimulate creativity and spatial awareness as children match and complete symmetrical shapes.

🔢 Match Numbers to Objects: Explore the joy of number-object associations. Kids will love pairing numbers with corresponding objects, fostering number recognition and counting skills.

📝 Count and Write: Practice counting and number formation with our engaging “Count and Write” worksheets. Young learners can learn to  write numbers, promoting numeracy and fine motor skills.

🎨 Colouring Addition Pictures: Combine maths with creativity as children colour addition pictures. This activity reinforces mathematical concepts in an imaginative and enjoyable way.

❓ Missing Numbers: Take on the challenge of solving missing number puzzles and discovering numerical patterns.

Our EYFS Math Activity Pack is a home learning resource for parents and educators alike. It provides a hands-on approach to early maths education, making learning an exciting adventure for young minds. 

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