Epoxy Resin Jewellery Making Craft Activity

The kids and myself have finally got round to trying a brand new type of crafting, Epoxy Resin Jewellery Making!

We absolutely love the Fimo clay for making our own personalised designs but we really wanted to try something new.

There are quite a few different choices available when you are just getting started, some of which looked to be a little advanced for us.

There are moulds for so many things, jars, paper weights, coasters and jewellery trinket jars.

We already had some blank jewellery accessories in the craft box but as a complete beginner to resin design ,I decided to buy one of the jewellery making kits which contained a range of small silicone moulds, gloves, pippette’s, mixing cups and spoons and also had a few basic accessories like keychains and a small manual jewellery drill for making holes.

I purchased the metallic Mica colouring powder and glitter separately to add to our design. You can also buy various little embellishments like sequins and mini dried flowers.

Alongside I also ordered a set of Epoxy Resin and hardener, which I have to say was much smaller than I expected so please check the quantity in the bottles before purchasing!

We started off by making sure that the table was covered and the kids also wore their little science goggles just to be on the safe side, protective gloves were also included in our pack. Although it is a lovely activity to do with children, it is dangerous for little ones if they come into contact with the solution. This is one activity that requires adult supervision and organisation at all times!

It’s also worth noting that depending on the type of resin that you decide upon, you only have around 15-20 minutes of workable time before it starts to go off so I made sure that the kids had equipment needed to hand and they also chose their colours beforehand.

Once that was taken care of we began mixing our solution, the Resin & Hardener pack that I bought was a 50/50 mix, I was a little unsure as to how much we would need so I started off with a 10ml measure of each to make a complete 20ml solution for each of the kids, due to the short workable time we just mixed a little more as we needed it.

After stirring for at least 3-5 minutes, very slowly to avoid bubbles, they both added their chosen Mica powder colouring, just a small amount at a time. We found that for the amount of Epoxy mixture, it was literally the tip of a teaspoon needed to transform it from clear to a bright and rich colour.

If you’re going for the whole hog such as using sequins, glitter, pigments or dried flowers then a quick and important tip is to add these particles in before the epoxy resin so that they can be cast properly and aren’t sticking out of the finished mixture in the mould.

My children both wanted to add glitter, so started by sprinkling in just small amounts, again we found that it didn’t take very much, although you would think by looking at the kitchen afterwards that we had a party with it! It literally gets everywhere!

Once the mixture was ready, they began using the pippette’s to draw up the coloured resin and slowly empty into the moulds.

We decided to make a mixture of crafts so we did a keyring mould, necklace pendant and heart embellishment to make a ring.

We really enjoyed ourselves!

Once the moulds were full we left them for 24 hours to dry and set.

They popped out of the moulds really easily and we added our necklace chain, ring backing and keyring hooks to them.

You can take a look at the process and our finished articles on my You Tube channel just here and just underneath, I have popped the links for some kits and decorative accessory ideas if you would like to try epoxy resin jewellery making yourself, Happy Crafting!

Some of our supplies were from Temu, If you would like to take a look at the Temu app, please follow my unique link to save 50% off your first order https://temu.to/m/uvtydut7g53 and search Epoxy Resin Jewellery.

You can also find supplies on Amazon, Here are a few suggestions:

Epoxy Resin Kit With Moulds

Epoxy Resin and Hardener

Epoxy Resin and Hardener with glitter, embelishments & sequins.

Jewellery Casting Moulds

Halloween Theme Resin Silicone Moulds

Christmas Bauble Resin Silicone Moulds

Epoxy Resin Pigment Kit

Blank Necklace Chains

Blank Rings Adjustable

Keychain Blanks

Clip On Earring Blanks

Mica Powder

Please note that although we purchased supplies from both Temu and Amazon for our craft, I am currently affiliated with both companies and as such may receive a small commission from any items purchased through my links. As always, I will only share products that I believe are beneficial to my readers.

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