Spooky Easy Science Craft For Kids

Today we have been getting our spook on by trying an activity that is really easy and combines my 2 children’s favourite things, craft and science!

The Dry Eraser experiment is a really quick and fun activity for a rainy day and can also be adapted to make learning really fun.

What We Used:

Pack Of Dry Eraser Markers

Ceramic Plate

Small Jug Of Water

We started off by drawing our spooky creation onto the base of a white ceramic plate, We left it a few seconds and then slowly poured the water onto the plate.

Within a few minutes, the edges of the design started to lift and our ghosts and ghouls came to life, the kids absolutely loved it!

We experimented with different surfaces like plastic plates and even the back of metal spoons then dipped them into the water to see what happened, We also noticed that different colours produced different results too.

We found that by keeping the drawings small and in just one colour worked best but we did have success with mixed colours too.

The kids even tried dipping their hands into the floating drawings and it transferred onto them like a mini tattoo! They weren’t great but the kids thought it was amazing and even Barbie and Ken ended up getting matching tattoos in the end!

As well as been lots of fun and an easy craft activity, there is a mini science lesson in there too.

Because dry erase markers are insoluble, meaning they can’t be dissolved in a liquid like water. They also have very few adhesive qualities, which is why they can be easily erased. The lack of adhesive is also what allows the water to make the drawing “come to life” and float, rather than sticking to the dish. The marker drawing is less dense than the water, and floats on it, giving it a life-like quality!

We decided to make this our first Halloween craft but you could practice writing letters, numbers and words to make English and Maths a little more hands on.

If you would like to take a look at our drawings in action, please head over to my You Tube channel just here:

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