Easy Side Hustles For Stay At Home Mums….Or are They?

Product Review Sites

As a stay at home Mum, like many others, my curiosity got the better of me and after seeing my fair share of supposed ‘Easy side hustles’ for those just like me, I thought I would give a few of them a try to see, in reality, how true the promise of financial freedom actually was.

Now, the pessimistic amongst us (very much like my good self) will not be surprised to hear that many of them are not quite as they are portrayed, Who knew eh?

If you haven’t already checked out my last blog on the promise of easy street via Amazon KDP, then you can take a look here.

My latest step on the road to apparent financial freedom involved one of the more poplar suggestions currently doing the social rounds, Product review sites.

The theory behind this particular ‘hustle’ involves your time to leave a review on products and in return you are rewarded by means of a free product.

After researching the more popular of the bunch with chance of reward, I opted for Influenster, Their luring promise of a free ‘VoxBox’ was just too good to resist (wink, wink)

After downloading the app, you are asked to complete your personal profile and in doing so, earn points.

What do points make? Tiers….. Lots of them!

The idea is that the more information you put into the platform, the more points you earn allowing you to break the barrier on the tier ranking system. The higher the tier you achieve the more likely you are to be selected to receive a free product to try.

As well as your personal information, Influenster has a wide and varied product market, You are sent daily review questions to answer based on different products and companies ranging from chocolate to games consoles. For every product that you have tried, you are invited to leave a review, I got Reeces Chocolate one day and was sat for quite some time reviewing an array of their product catalogue because its an area that I am particularly qualified in!

On top of entering personal information which covers everything barring an inside leg measurement and daily product questions, you are also encouraged to leave reviews for as many products on the platform as you can.

I committed to this process each day for around 6 weeks, at first I progressed through the tiers like Usain Bolt, Notching up to tier 6 almost immediately but then I seemed to come to a standstill. I couldn’t physically input more info about myself, at this point I felt that they probably knew more about me than close friends and what inevitably became a daily chore of sieving through numerous products to leave reviews was becoming, quite frankly, very boring!

At this point, after researching exactly how the VoxBoxes were allocated, I quickly realised that I could have saved myself a heck of a lot of wasted time!

It would seem that tier 9 was the magic number, although how some achieved it I will never know. I stumbled across a forum page for those like myself, desperately feeling the need to console ourselves that the promised goodies were just around the corner.

It made depressing reading, One poor sole had been dedicating her time daily, for over a year, and even though she had finally managed to break the golden nugget that was tier 9, was still awaiting her reward for hours of monotonous work.

It would seem that even though you reach the appropriate tier, your name then goes into a draw, its basically luck after that point as to whether you are selected or not.

With this new information fresh in my mind, I called time and removed myself from the VoxBox race, I just didnt have the required stamina to go on any further!

In theory, if you have many hours to while away then there are people who have actually received something in return, but from my experience, the chances are about as slim as me actually competing in the next olympics!

To see the video version that I made on this hustle, please head over to this link.

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