Easy Make & Bake Ideas To Do With Kids

No Churn Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

If you are anything like me, you maybe didn’t get the memo to let you know that the cooking and baking skills were getting handed out!

I don’t think I even made it to the back of the queue that day but luckily Mary Berry was at the front!

My kids love to make and bake so as I have exhausted all avenues with the chocolate crispy cakes (They have cottoned on to the fact that they are still crispy cakes even with different coloured sprinkles) I have had to up my game and dip my toe into the baking pond.

So what did I do, I hear you ask, take cooking lessons?

Perhaps buy some recipe books?

Nope, I googled easy kids recipes in the hope that I would be able to follow them which is when I came across this recipe on a website called Janes Patisserie for no churn Kinder Bueno ice cream and hit the easy street jackpot!

As I do not have the obligatory ‘Store cupboard’ items I had to opt for something that was quick and easy with limited ingredients along with pretty simple instructions and this recipe had the lot.

You can check out the actual recipe here but we adapted them slightly, here’s what we used

600ml Double Cream

397g (1 tin) Condensed Milk

250g Nutella/Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

3 Kinder Bars To Add To The Mix

2 Kinder Bueno Bars To Decorate

The utensils needed are just as easy, We used

A Mixing Bowl

Spatula/Spoon To Stir

Freezer Proof Container

Tin Opener

Find out how our first attempt at this recipe went……

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  1. Hi there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I adore your blog. It’s an amazing hub for anyone who is interested about culinary adventures. I particularly enjoy your home-made recipes and quick bites suggestions, but your crispy treats ideas are also making my mouth water. I applaud your commitment to supporting people in their dieting journey with insightful tips and tricks. Keep up the excellent work, and I can’t wait to explore more of your fabulous posts!

    Appreciate this content

    Kerry Jenkins


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