Easy Kids Craft Ideas- Fimo Jewellery Making

We discovered Fimo clay a few months ago and have never looked back!

Its great for little hands as its a lot like play doh and it encourages kids to be creative and hands on.

Theres lots of different ways to use Fimo clay but today we are doing one of our favourites, Jewellery making.

I bought a few tools and accesories which you can take a look at in my Amazon store here *

My daughter is crafting a bracelet for her friends birthday, Take a look at how our afternoon went …..

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4 thoughts on “Easy Kids Craft Ideas- Fimo Jewellery Making

  1. I just stumbled upon this amazing blog post about easy kids craft ideas, specifically about making Fimo jewelry. The article provides a concise summary of how to create beautiful jewelry using Fimo clay, making it a perfect DIY project for kids.
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