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Fabric Painting

There are so many activities available to encourage hands on learning but as well as having fun and getting messy, did you know that there are endless benefits in arts and crafts for children?

Today we have tried our hand at fabric painting. It kept the kids entertained for the morning and they really enjoyed themselves.
They designed clothes for each other and also gave Barbies wardrobe a make over too!

You can take a look at our creations by popping over to my YouTube channel here.

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Fabric Painting

Often, activities like this are generally not considered learning in the traditional sense of the word but just take a look at a few of the benefits that hands on crafting can offer:

1. Allowing children the time to get messy and follow their interests promotes creativity allowing children to learn different ways to express themselves. When we avoid giving children direction, painting can offer a perfect way for them to practise creativity without being concerned about what other people think of their masterpiece.

2. Problem Solving, Whether it’s bead threading and recognising pattern repeats or by introducing primary colours that children can have fun with by experimenting and mixing up their colour palette for their perfect creation, arts and crafts allows them to develop their problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

3. Develops fine motor skills by encouraging children to make smaller and more precise movement. It also helps to strengthen the smaller muscles in their hands. This is important for a multitude of tasks such as learning to hold pencils and pens when they write and also for practical skills such as turning the pages of books as they read.

4. Encourages mindfulness, Sometimes children find it difficult to put their emotions into words.Crafting is a great way of reducing stress and calming the mind. Painting can offer children a way to express their feelings through the use of colours, lines, shapes, and textures, even the act of making a mess. Many find the act of putting their feelings onto paper a great way to calm their anxious thoughts which can be a vital resource for children to develop as they grow older.

5. Helps with concentration, rather than making children sit with a workbook or reading book, by encouraging the activities that they enjoy keeps them engaged for longer. Through time, children begin to realise that through taking their time to do something they end up with something to be proud of which makes the time spent worth it.

For children who are easily distracted, arts and crafts can often help lengthen their concentration span by regularly taking part in this type of activity.

6. Helps with spacial awareness, when children paint a picture or create a design they begin to put into context shape, size & texture. Activities such as copying a picture that is set right next to them into their own painting, completing partly-painted pictures or finger painting shapes or other images all help with developing an understanding of proportion.

7. Helps with non verbal communication and expression by learning how to share ideas, create feelings, capture memories, or imagine different worlds, all without words. Arts and crafts can be an excellent way to express themselves and their feelings and emotions.

8. Creates a calming environment that children can enjoy individually or with friends and family. Did you know that creativity can also generate a burst of dopamine that helps us feel accomplished, motivated, and focused.

We should never underestimate the values of learning through play, so next time your little ones want to get their creativity on just think of all the learning opportunities it offers, it might just make the clean up operation a little more worthwhile!

If you would like to try fabric painting, here are a few resources to get you started:

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Please note that although we used some of these resources ourselves, I am part of an affiliate program which means that I may receive a small commission on any qualifying purchases.

As always, I will only feature products that I feel may be beneficial to my readers.

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