Christmas Mini Lego Craft

Today me and the kids did a little Christmas crafting from one of our latest Temu hauls as part of our learning today…..

One question I get asked quite a lot as a home educating Mum is what do I find to do all day with the kids.

It never ceases to amaze me that lots of people still believe that learning can only happen with a workbook but this type of activity is perfect for gaining so many skills.

For example, colour recognition, hand and eye co-ordination, logic and problem solving and also it’s a great way to increase concentration time especially with younger children as this is something that takes time to build up.

If I’m totally honest, the kit was a little more ‘mini’ that I expected and I had to help both of the kids aged 6 and 8 with them because they were pretty fiddly but the more we built them up, the easier it was.

There are snow people, Santa or reindeer sets to choose from and it certainly kept us busy for a good hour or more so at around £2 each, We enjoyed them and Barbie now has her very own snow scene going on which the kids think is fab!

To check out how our little snow person turned out, head over to my YouTube channel here

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Christmas Mini Lego Craft Video

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