Home Education- Truth Bombs

Whilst home education is extremely rewarding, like anything, it can come with its fair share of challenges. In my opinion, not only is it important to give a true picture of what it’s really like in order for others to make an informed choice on whether home education could be right for their family, I think it’s just as important for those who are starting out on their own journey to get a true feel of how learning can look for others.

Myth Busting Home Education – Part 1

Weird & Wonderful!

When I think back to when we very first decided to home educate our children, We had various comments and reactions ranging from extremely supportive to down right rude!

In this article, I want to address one of the most common misconceptions surrounding home education. Not only is this particular myth absolute nonsense but it is also a negative message for those who may be possibly considering home education for their family.

A Little Girls Big Ad-Venture!

One of the many things that we like about home education, is that not only do our children see the rewards of our hard work but also where those same rewards come from.
Ironically, everyday really is a school day and there are so many opportunities for children and young people to learn so much without even having to give it a thought.
It was during one of those very days that our latest project was born.

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