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An Employment Tribunal- My Journey Lisa Murray Vs Hudson Administration Services Ltd

The 10th June 2020 is a date that will be forever set in stone in my mind but sadly for all of the wrong reasons.

On this day, I received a call that would shape the rest of my future but at the time I had no idea where it was going to lead.

After working for my former employer for over 10 years, The 10th June 2020 marked the beginning of a sham redundancy process which would test me to the limit……and back again!

At the start, although I knew nothing of the employment tribunal process, I knew what had been done to me wasn’t right, We have always instilled right from wrong in our children and I felt to let the behaviour done towards me go unchallenged would forever haunt me if I didn’t challenge it.

The reality of the challenge that I was undertaking dawned on me very quickly, We had no insurance that would cover employment related legal issues nor was I part of a union so the only way that I could get legal help would be to pay for it myself.

I’m not sure if anyone has ever had the pleasure of contacting a law firm to enquire about services and costs but you can hear your bank account draining at the mere thought of engaging their services!

To continue, I had no choice but to go it alone. Luckily I had an extremely supportive (and very patient) other half and a family to support me through what can only be described as a horrific process.

We joke about it now but it really was true at the time, I rapidly became Mum by day and Erin Brockovitch by night!

The impact that the process took on my mental, emotional and physical health was something that I could ever have prepared for, Nor could I have imagined the effects that it would have on my family.

After several case management hearings and 2 preliminary hearings, In January 2022 I had my final hearing heard via video link by a judge and 2 panel members.

After a 4 day hearing, I received a unanimous successful judgement for unfair dismissal and when I tell you that I could have kissed the judge, I’m not kidding!

To finally have someone recognise the injustice done to me was a moment that I will never forget.

In the months that followed, I began what I now call my ‘Tribunal Afterlife’ yet something else that I wasn’t prepared for. I felt that I didn’t want everything that myself and my family had been through to remain a huge negative in our lives.

By chance, I stumbled across a Facebook group for those going through the tribunal process and was, quite honestly, shocked at the amount of people going through the same mental and emotional anguish at the hands of their employers just like I had.

The lengths that the process had taken some individuals to, literally reduced me to tears, I decided that I wanted to share my story to help raise awareness of such an important yet unnoticed issue.

I was extremely worried about any negative comeback and my confidence and self esteem was still at an all time low but I began to dip my toe in the media pond and it wasn’t too long before I had a nibble!

After having my story featured in local and regional newspapers and having my article posted on their social media pages I had so much positive feedback that when I was invited to take part in an interview for the Greater Manchester Law Centre and a live webinar for a company called Valla DIY Law both of whom specialise in helping litigants in person navigate the ET path, I took the opportunity and can honestly say I’ve never regretted it once.

I had such kind and humbling comments on my story and was even referred to as an inspiration, Little old me, I was truly blown away by it.

I saw first hand how sharing an experience could help so many others in a positive way and for me it began to make a little of what myself and my family had been through a little more worthwhile, It made me take a step back and think about how I would go forward. To say that I had my fingers well and truly burned by working for someone else, I knew that I wanted to be the master of my own destiny,

After much deliberation, It all lead to right where we are now, I decided to carry on raising awareness about employment tribunals but on my own platform rather than relying on others.

When I decided to start my new blogging journey, I knew instantly that it would feature.

Obviously, Its a rather shall we say ‘niche’ subject but I hope that its helpful for anyone who comes across my website or You Tube pages.

Following on from my tribunal experience, I found it extremely difficult to find a suitable book to record all of my important information whilst also managing day to day tasks.

I have devised my own employment tribunal organiser & journal which can be downloaded as a printable PDF free of charge by visiting my shop link and select digital products or can be bought as a hard copy by visiting my Amazon here *

Im going to be sharing a very up close and personal account of my story in the future, but to kick things off I thought I would start with a highlight posted by Valla DIY Law that I feel was the springboard to hopefully, what will be better things for myself and my family.

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2 thoughts on “Employment Tribunals

  1. Dear Lisa,
    congratulations on winning your tribunal case and brand new website?
    I am following your steps. However all my employment discrimination claims been struck out. Instead only the unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal are left. I want to appeal.
    How did you cope with it and managed it?

    1. Hi Jolanta, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my post. I am sorry that you are going through such a tremendously stressful situation at the moment. To be honest, when I look back now, Im not quite sure how I did cope really! I was very lucky to have a good family support network around me and between myself and my partner we prepared the case. There were things that, at the time, I couldnt listen to or read because it was too upsetting, so Rob dealt with those parts for me and we just seemed to push on and take each day at a time. There is very little support and advice out there for litigants in persons which makes the process a whole lot harder. Im not sure if you are already a member but there are a couple of support groups on Facebook that I found after my case was over, so many helpful people both currently going through the process and those like myself trying to pass on things that we learned along the way once our final hearing was done. I am going to try and get some new posts for my website recorded and uploaded to take my journey a little further in the hope that it may help some people through. I know that you may not see it yourself, but please never doubt your strength and ability to get through this, each and every person who undertakes an employment tribunal is a true warrior. Im sorry that I cannot be of help with the appeal query as it isnt something that I experienced. I wish you all the best as you continue on your path and thank you again for your support with my new website it is greatly appreciated.

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