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I have to be honest, to say that I was a little wary about the arrival of tech based learning at such a young age is an understatement. We had always been that couple before parenthood hit that we would literally be giving the gift of technology on our kids 16th birthdays but like all decisions made before you actually become a parent, they are very much subject to change!

As we home educate, it seemed almost a natural transition into the E-Learning world and as I was reminded one too many times by family and friends , if our children were to attend school they would be expected to understand this new and endless way to learn because like it or not, you cannot look 3 feet in front of you nowadays without seeing one form of tech or other.

I was quite surprised to learn that the kids Amazon Kids Kindles come with an initial 12 month subscription as standard which was enough to get the kids (and myself) hooked, though for very different reasons. You are then able to purchase a subscription on a rolling basis.

Not only were there tons of games which encorperated learning without the kids even realising it but they could also watch their faves like alpha blocks and number blocks without a constant argument over the remote control.

For those like myself who have never come across the kids+ before, you can pay a monthly or annual fee and get access to literally hundreds of games, books and learning opportunities. Primerily aimed at kids aged 3-12 years old it features some well known characters like Disney, Lego and Marvel and gives parents full control by giving access to a parent dashboard for you to approve all settings and content before handing the tablets over to little hands!

There’s tons of apps that you can download as well as music and TV, I also found that you can add the Reading Eggs and Math Seed program onto them too by heading over to the approved website section in the settings, this meant that I could have my tablet back and 5 minutes peace to use it!

Amazon are currently offering one month free, If you would like to take a look, head over to the Amazon Kids+ page here.

By following the links, you can also get over 30% off a subscription to Reading Eggs and Math Seeds here.

*Please note that although we use the kids subscriptions as part of our home education, I am also affiliated with Amazon and Reading Eggs and as such may receive commission on qualifying sales.

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