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Hello and welcome to Relatable Me.

My name is Lisa and I am Mum to 2 little ones aged 8 and 5 (Where did that time go!)

After many years working for others, I had a wake up call around 3 years ago now when I was unfairly dismissed by my former employer and went through a successful employment tribunal as a litigant in person in January 2022.

Its been quite a journey over the past few years and one I definitely wouldn’t want to repeat in a hurry so I decided self employment was the route for me.

I began my passive income and digital marketing journey with around as many technical skills as my 89 year old Nana!

I really am the epitome of ‘if I can do it, anyone can’

I decided that I wanted to turn my negative experience into a positive by empowering and supporting others to enable them to achieve financial freedom to allow them to do more of the things that they want to do, with the people they most enjoy doing them with!

As a home educating family, We always try to encourage both of our children to think outside the box and follow their passions in life, What example would I set if I didn’t do the same, so after much deliberation (self doubt) I finally made the decision to go back to my roots and incorporate my love of writing by starting my own blogging page, and here we are!

The first thing that I feel I really should point out, is that you may want to think of me as the Romeo Beckham of the blogging world because although I have grown up with a love of words and writing, I don’t yet have the knowledge or experience of my predecessors but in true ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ style, hope to one day feel confident enough to refer to myself as a true blogger.

So what’s in store I hear you ask and I’m going to be truthful, its a question I have asked myself!

Since becoming a Mum at the ripe old age of 35, Its been a steep learning curve so plenty more to come on that.

As an elective home educating family, learning is very much part of our everyday life which I hope to be sharing with you. Our home is literally bursting at the seams with resources and supplies so keep watching this space to see different styles and methods as we try them and see what we think.

We are always on the lookout for fun things to do and places to visit so tag along with us and see what we get up to, We are extremely lucky to live by the seaside so many of our adventures are getting the wellies on and seeing where they take us.

My own self employment journey has been anything but an easy ride which is why I want to share the things that I have learned along with the resources that I have developed to try and reduce the overwhelm for others in my ‘Relatable Worklife’ section!

Finally, after battling with anxiety and health anxiety in recent years, I’ve found that laughter can be the best medicine so stay tuned for different takes on every aspect of Mum life both past and very much present.

Whilst I love to get my thoughts onto paper, Sometimes its hard to get the time to write, or indeed read anything too in depth so since discovering Vlogs as a swifter way to get my ideas into practice, There will be written blogs as well as a video blogs thrown into the mix too to make the information much more accessible for everyone, myself included!

Life is very much a journey for us all and it would be great to have you along for the ride!

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