A Little Girls Big Ad-Venture!

One of the many things that we like about home education, is that not only do our children see the rewards of our hard work but also where those same rewards come from.

I remember reading a response on a home education forum site, not long after we began our journey.

The poster had been asked how her children would adapt back to the real world once their home education finished because they had not been to school.

Her answer was priceless and has stayed with me so far and probably always will, Her response was that her children wouldn’t have to adapt back into the real world, purely because they had never left it in the first place.

Ironically, everyday really is a school day and there are so many opportunities for children and young people to learn so much without even having to give it a thought.

It was during one of those very days that our latest project was born.

After a trip to the accountants, Our 8 year old daughter ‘L’ asked why we had to go to the office and what they did there.

I briefly explained as best I could about buying or running costs, selling costs and what happens about the money in-between, a few days later our daughter said that she would like to try and earn some of her own money to put towards a little something that she had her eye on for a while, she even had a plan how she would do it!

After been bought yet another plush toy by Nana & Grandad, ‘L’ decided that it would be nice if other children could have one of the teddies bought for them to make them smile, just as my daughter had when her plushy had been bought for her.

We always try our best to facilitate everything that our 2 children take an interest in and who was I to stand in the way of the next young entrepeneur!

We spent the next few days researching wholesalers to source some of the soft toys that my daughter had in mind, Once found we had to sit and work out how much they cost and delivery charges to buy them.

Next, we sat and calculated what the resale could perhaps be, this was a very dicey part of the project because it involved researching similar products. Honestly, ‘L’ could have literally wiped out any potential profit right there and then!

Once we had the product, the prices, the resale costs and the profit margins worked out, there was the small issue of funding the project.

Our daughter immedietly volunteered the savings from her money box to get her new venture off the ground, to say that we had a proud parent moment is an understatement.

Delivery day was most exciting and my daughter helped unpack and quality check each one.

She came up with names and descriptions of each pet to make them individual and decided that we would call them ‘Flip a Mood Pets’ because they would always make children smile.

You can find the end product of all of ‘L’s hard work by clicking just here to view her full range.

I have often thought back to the post that I saw all of those yes ago, Im sure that she would definitely have appreciated this post to confirm her perfect response.

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